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Milo & Me Baby Styles 

The new baby frame JESSIE from our own brand Milo & Me is now available for the first months of life from 0 months. As a unisex model in five different colors, it is suitable for both the smallest boys and girls.

Milo & Me Baby Styles are a smooth, yet resistant eyewear collection for babies and toddlers from 0 - 2 years old. Created for your smallest customers with the highest focus on safety, without hinges and metal parts. Flexible, strong, lightweight and super comfortable to wear.

The shape and width of the nose bridge is adapted to the smaller and wider nasal bridge typical of children. Designed to perfectly fit babies´ and toddlers´ small faces, giving them freedom to play and safely explore the world around them. Milo & Me Baby Styles combine soft trend tones with a fresh design to meet the standard of today’s parents.



When the city is your playground,
the sky is the limit.

Children want to play – no matter whether they live in the city or in the countryside. And their sound development does not depend on the place they live. Beneficial factors for a child's development are – besides green spaces – also options to be creative, playing with peers and recreational facilities. Cities are also often places of greater cultural diversity, which allows children to broaden their perspectives.

Our new Bright City Styles deriving from the Milo & Me series aims to reflect exactly that. Made for modern children who are looking for their urban play oases and who do not want to be limited in their creativity. True to the motto “When the city is your playground – the sky is the limit.”

For this range we have given our most popular Milo & Me models Charly, Sara, Alex and Kim a new look. With light, pastel-coloured combinations, we remain true to the tried-and-tested two-tone concept for temples ends and frames. Transparent pastel shades give both boys and girls aged 2 to 12 a certain urban flair. Wearing glasses thus becomes a style element that even the youngest can score points with – whether on the way to school, while skateboarding or on the playground.

Because one thing remains the same for all our Milo & Me children’s glasses: their frames are made of plasticiser-free TPE material, have flexible temple ends made of TR90 material and provide a 110° groove for easy glazing. Thus, an all-round carefree package for children, parents and opticians.



Cool kids wear cool eyewear

The glasses from the Milo & Me collections are made to let children play how they want. Milo & Me children’s glasses are light, flexible and resilient. Parents can be sure that the glasses can withstand anything, meaning that the risk of damage remains as low as possible. The material isn’t just robust – the great colors and attractive brand design mean that the glasses have been declared “cool” by children. Thanks to the fair price-performance ratio, the frames are also affordable for all families.

Milo & Me children’s glasses are manufactured using a special material injection molding process and without plasticizers. Due to the flexible material and special production technique, Milo & Me children’s glasses fit perfectly for all children’s activities. Customizable arms and elastic materials always allow optimal fitting to the child’s face. The aim is always to keep the risk of damage in the event of a possible fall or collision as low as possible.


New – Milo & Me Sun

Sunglasses for kids!